About us

Born from frustration with natural self-care products that consistently caused irritation and fell short of expectations, we found inspiration within disappointment. Talgh is an ethical, non-toxic, and luxury wellness brand that works.

The essence of nature, the elegance of luxury.

Talgh seamlessly blends the best of nature with innovative formulations to provide effective and hormone-safe solutions. Our journey began with a search for natural remedies, leading to the reimagined use of beef tallow's remarkable skin-nourishing properties. Exceptionally versatile and used throughout human history, tallow is foundational to Talgh's sophisticated formulas. We source our tallow from pasture-raised, 100% grass-fed and finished American cattle, employing nose-to-tail and regenerative agricultural practices wherever possible.

Our commitment goes beyond efficacy. We emphasize the highest standards of integrity, transparency, and sustainability in our business operations, reflected in our choice to formulate only in Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) facilities. We harness materials from the natural world while leveraging cutting-edge science, ensuring our products are grounded in evidence-based benefits—understanding that all things in nature are not necessarily good.